Stay strong

Text Milan M. Deutsch, zpěv Martina Balogová, hudba David Vostrý

I feel it 

I mean it

I feel you



When you see me

In the shades of broken love

You know that I feel you…    sometimes

And we all fall sometimes

From the open door

You won't see me drowning

You know that I stay alive


And I will be myself

No matter if I fall

Just take care of myself

Till    my   heart  is    empty

I ve got to feel

I ve got to try

You ve got to see …That      I´m someone special

And I'll  just stay myself

And I don't want to fall

And I will be myself

Till     my   heart is    empty

I´ve gotta feel

I´ve gotta  see

I´ve got to be    Going on!

Sometimes      its just you

Who´s feeling ….  like  you´re      someone     special

Go on

It´s your turn

Cause I feel you…

You´re not gonna drown

I want to see you lauging more

You know that you control your life… just you

And I hear you sometimes

Saying you want  more

and you´re just walking through the door

You must be yourself

You´ve got to know your price

No matter what they say

And I believe in you

As you belive in me

You know that we´ll stay alive


And you will be yourself

No matter if you fall

Just take care of youself

Till  your   heart  is    empty

you ve got to feel

you ve got to try

You ve go to see …      you´re someone special

You will just stay yourself

No matter if you fall

You wil just be yourself

Till     your  heart is    empty

You´ve got to feel

You ve got to see

You´ve got to be      Going on!

Repeat  to fade out


Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice texty a jeho autorem je Milan Deutsch. Můžete si jeho odkaz uložit mezi své oblíbené záložky nebo ho sdílet s přáteli.

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